Conor Twomey

Professional Tennis Coach

Gillian Donnelly

Retired Teacher

Jonathan Healy

RTE Today Show & News Talk Radio Presenter


HSE Public Health Nurse

Jerry Crowley

Retired Army Officer

Doug Williams

Retired Plumber


Retired Teacher & Golf Enthusiast


Business Owner & Avid Runner


Tennis Player & Busy Dad


Aoife-Marketing Manager

Diana Kelleher

Diana-Health & Fitness Coach & Influencer

Mary O’Connor

“ I have used it twice a day in conjunction with my exercise program and it has reduced my pain greatly.

Without it, my life would be intolerable “

Public Health Nurse

Nuala Carey

” I have been using the Rx Laser device for three weeks now for an ongoing plantar fasciitis injury. The improvement in pain has been incredible, and my recovery time has been halved “

Pharmacist & Basketball player

Conor Twomey

What I thought to be a 6 week recovery time has been cut in half and after 3 weeks of using the Rx Laser Pro for only 10 minutes per day I am back training. I can safely say I will be using this everyday to stay injury free

Professional Tennis Coach

Dr Dan Corcoran

” The evidence for the use of low level laser technology in the management of chronic pain is established and increasing. In particular, recent analyses of multiple studies have shown considerable benefits for osteoarthritis, as well as for tendon inflammation and plantar fasciitis. All studies emphasize the lack of side effects, which is an important bonus.
In summary, the Rx Laser Devices can safely be recommended as a valuable adjunct in the management of many conditions causing chronic pain “

Medical Editor & Reviewer

Niall Breslin

“ It has been brilliant on my hands “

Musician & Public Figure

Darren Kennedy

“  I used this to help with my repetitive strain injury on my hand and I found it brilliant “

Head Chef

Gillian Donnelly

“ Because my pain has been reduced so much, I have been able to defer my operation. I can safely say that I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis or other painful conditions “

Retired school teacher

Jonathan Healy

“ I injured my knee playing soccer, somebody suggested I give this a try from Laser Medical. I found it really easy to use and within a couple of days I started to see an improvement in the knee already “

RTE Today Show & News Talk presenter

Dr. Shane Hegarty

“ There is a substantial body of high quality research published that shows the clinical benefits of using this low level laser technology in treating pain and inflammation. In all the studies, there was no known side effects reported by participants but real positive changes reported to many peoples quality of life “


Laura Galvin

“ I have trialled this with many of my patients and feedback has been excellent. Many of them who have suffered with chronic pain for many years are getting huge relief from using the Rx Laser devices regularly “

Physical Therapist