Sports Performance & Recovery


The Rx Laser devices can help take your sports performance & recovery to the next level!


Low level laser therapy also commonly known in sports science as Photo-biomodulation therapy (PBM) has been shown in the research in recent years for having great benefits in exercise recovery and performance enhancement.

The non-invasive and safe Rx Laser devices has been shown to stimulate a cellular reaction which has been proven to reduce to muscle soreness, inflammation and oxidative stress following exercise. The Rx Laser device has a direct positive impact on the ATP production in the mitochondria which is the power house for energy within our cells and this leads to a far more optimal recovery and minimises downtime for both amateur and elite athletes.

If you enjoy exercise or sport and want to improve your performance, optimize your recovery and stop that muscle soreness after exercise then the Rx Laser device could be exactly what you are looking for. It is backed by high quality sports science and endorsed by many elite athletes in sports.

Sports Performance & Recovery




The exact science behind how it works so well is the following:

The laser stimulates the cells in the muscle which causes a series of natural chemical reactions such as:

  • Opioid Neurotransmitter Production = Pain Relief
  • Anti-inflammatory Cytokine Production = Joint swelling and inflammation disappears
  • Enhanced local blood circulation leading to increased oxygen consumption within the muscle
  • Increased ATP production leading to a higher energy supply to the muscle

The Rx Laser device (Photo-biomodulation therapy) is now considered one of the most advanced forms of exercise recovery and using it is extremely safe and easy to use at home!

Medical Review

Check out some of the high quality research studies and our testimonials from other users that has proven the substantial benefits of low level laser therapy or photo biomodulation therapy:

Journal Of Science And Medicine In Sports

  • The effect of low level laser therapy for sports injuries: Randomized, double-blind placebo clinical trial
  • Low-level laser therapy was effective in 75% of the laser group, whereas it was not effective in the placebo group
  • Pain relief rate was significantly higher in the laser group than in the placebo group (36.94% vs. 8.20%)

American Journal Of Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

  • Effects of LLLT on skeletal muscle repair. A systematic review
  • The findings suggest that LLT is an excellent therapeutic resource for the treatment of muscle injuries in the short term


Does photobiomodulation therapy is better than cryotherapy in muscle recovery after a high-intensity exercise? A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial

” The clinical impact of this study is clear, photo-biomodulation is more effective than cryotherapy (Ice therapy)


National Library For Medicine: Ferraresi, Hamblin And Parizotti (2012)

  • Research on low level laser therapy on muscle tissue performance, fatigue and repair
  • “ Low level laser therapy should be highly effective in muscle injuries “

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