Rx Laser Pad


The Rx Laser Pad is an evidence based medical grade home use device which uses FDA approved laser technology. The device is fully CE certified and the treatment is backed by research on thousands of people showing it to be an extremely safe and effective treatment for people living with various painful conditions as well as helping to optimise tissue function, recovery and healing. The treatment has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation and accelerate the body’s own healing ability by delivering light energy units to the injured or stressed tissue. It is a completely painless treatment, very easy to use and the treatment lasts for only 15 minutes per day.

It is well documented that laser therapy has a cumulative effect, i.e. the more consistently you use it the greater the results you will experience.  The Rx Laser Pad is a premium medical device but it is specially designed to allow you to easily use it yourself at home for your own specific condition which will allow you to experience regular laser therapy without attending constant appointments and a high cost whilst giving you potentially incredible results. The device is easy to setup and it is simply charged with a plug in charger which is included. If you have an questions about using it we are happy for you to contact us in our Cork office on 021-4877081 or email us on info@lasermedical.ie with details on your specific condition.





The Rx Laser Pad is a class 3R medical grade device that emits a unique combination of 650nm and 808nm wavelength of lasers which has been shown to significantly reduce pain, inflammation and initiate the body’s own healing process. The science behind how it works is that it triggers a series of targeted cellular reactions within the injured or stressed tissue which initiates a number of positive events within the tissue known as photo-biomodulation.

This cellular reaction oxygenates and stimulates the ATP within the mitochondria which is the source of energy for all cells, it helps the body to naturally produce opioid neurotransmitters and anti-inflammatory cytokines within the tissue giving many users significant pain relief.  The treatment has also been shown to stimulate the growth factor cells to help repair damaged or injured tissue.

The Rx Laser Pad includes free delivery from An Post with tracking and the device comes with a 12 month warranty. The package  also comes with a plug in charger, a pad holder,  x2 different Velcro straps and a case for the pad.