Irish Times article on low level laser therapy for pain


Here are some of the quotes from the article in the Irish times which interviewed people who are starting to use low level laser therapy to help manage their pain:


” I get hundreds of injuries and I’ve tried everything over the years – acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractic, but now I would go for low-level laser therapy even above physiotherapy for an injury ”


Bill Sharkey (58) suffered with the pain and immobility of a frozen shoulder for four months before he decided to try low-level laser therapy. “I was on anti-inflamatories for a week, but they upset my stomach. I didn’t feel like having a cortisone injection into my shoulder, which is the conventional treatment. My dentist told me about a low-level laser therapist so I went. “Initially, I didn’t feel anything. Now, after six or seven sessions, I have 60 per cent of my arm movement back. I’d say it will take five or six more sessions. It’s also up to me to use my shoulder more and get my exercises going again.”