Frequently Asked Questions

We very often get asked the same questions about our products so we have compiled the most commonly asked questions below which will hopefully answer any queries you may have about our products. If the FAQ’s do not answer your specific question please contact us at our office on 021-4877081 or email us at and one of our team will be glad to assist you.

Yes. We have designed our products to make them extremely easy to use yourself at home. We have a video on the product page about how to set up and use each of the devices. We are also happy to call you to explain and guide you through the simple steps.

The devices can be bought online through the shop on our website. We can also take orders and payment over the phone on 021-4877081. We use An Post with tracking for delivery and you should usually get your device within 2-3 working days.

The devices are also available in a select number of clinics and pharmacies around Ireland. We will release the full list of stockists soon.

No, not at all. Most people feel hardly anything during the treatment except for a slight warming sensation. In some cases people reported a tingling sensation which is normal. If you experience any increased pain during the treatment please contact us to discuss further.

The laser causes a biochemical response to the living cells around the area where the person is experiencing pain which allows the light to be absorbed through the skin at different wavelengths. The laser penetrates deeply through the skin into a muscle, nerve, tendon or joint to this inflamed or stressed tissue.

The laser reaction on the living tissue then triggers a biological stimulation which initiates a series of cellular events. The therapeutic effects of this include increased opioid neurotransmitter production, increased production of anti-inflammatory cytokines, increased oxygen consumption within the mitochondria and enhanced local blood circulation.

Yes, there has been thousands of research studies carried out which overwhelmingly show low level laser therapies positive therapeutic effects. It has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug administration) who is responsible for regulating the sale of medical devices in the USA. High quality research such as randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews have consistently shown the positive effects of this treatment. See our conditions page for more detailed information on the research carried out.

It depends on your specific condition. Some people notice improvements within a few days, however, for some people it may take a few weeks to see any changes, The key is that you consistently use it everyday until you notice improvements.

The Rx Laser Pro costs € 299.00 and The Rx Laser Pad costs €349.00.

This includes all taxes and delivery with tracking from An Post. It also  comes with a 12 month warranty.


Yes absolutely. It is a very safe treatment to use on a number of body parts. We advise a maximum of three body parts per day however. If you are very symptomatic you should use the device in the morning and evening.

People who are actively undergoing treatment for cancer, people who are pregnant or people with hemorrhagic diseases should avoid using the device. In most other cases people should be safe to use the device including if you have a heart condition or taking any prescription medications. Please contact us directly or your own doctor if you have any specific worries about using it.

You should not point the laser directly into your eyes or directly on skin molds. When treating a body part, try to point it directly on the skin and not through your clothing. Try to hold the device in the same area for the allocated time and not move it too much during treatment.

The Laser comes with rechargeable lithium battery inside. The device will emit a beeping sound when low on power. It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge. It is advised you do not use the device when it is charging.

You can place the device directly on the skin or also slightly off it. If you want to cover a wider surface area the have the device slightly off the skin.  It totally depends on the body part you are working on and how comfortable you are holding it. It can be used through clothing but for best results try to apply the laser directly onto the skin.

No, this is a completely different treatment. TENS temporarily numbs the nerve fibres with little carry over effect whereas laser therapy stimulates a cellular response within the tissue which causes a far greater positive effect on pain as well as improving inflammation and stimulates healing unlike a TENS machine.

You can contact us at our Cork office on 021-4877081 or fill out the enquiry form on the website telling us a little bit about your condition and one of our doctors or physiotherapists will get in touch to discuss it further with you.

No, this is a very different type of treatment. Heat therapy has a superficial effect only and it does not have any long lasting benefits. However, low laser therapy causes a number of cellular reactions which releases natural chemicals within your painful or injured tissue which gives people real and lasting effects.