Laura Galvin

“ I have trialled this with many of my patients and feedback has been excellent. Many of them who have suffered with chronic pain for many years are getting huge relief from using the Rx Laser devices regularly “

Dr. Shane Hegarty

“ There is a substantial body of high quality research published that shows the clinical benefits of using this low level laser technology in treating pain and inflammation. In all the studies, there was no known side effects reported by participants but real positive changes reported to many peoples quality of life “

Jonathan Healy

“ I injured my knee playing soccer, somebody suggested I give this a try from Laser Medical. I found it really easy to use and within a couple of days I started to see an improvement in the knee already “

Gillian Donnelly

“ Because my pain has been reduced so much, I have been able to defer my operation. I can safely say that I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from osteoarthritis or other painful conditions “